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We Are a Leading Provider of New and Used Premium Yachts

We are a leading provider of new and used premium yachts within Australia. We offer high-quality yachts for purchase within Australia. We have designed our product offerings to prioritise ease, convenience, and comfort as you purchase the boats of your dreams.

You can browse through our offers for your purchase. In case you have any enquiries, you can contact us below. We will be waiting for you.

What We Do

At Lerouge-yachts, we offer for sale variety of boats for a variety of needs. Our sales and service offerings cut across the following category.

New Yachts

We pride in our ability to deliver new yachts of superlative quality. In line with our commitment to giving you an unforgettable yachting experience, we are offering new yachts for sale. We deliver regardless of your needs and demands. We prioritise durability and convenience in your experience and ensure our new boats fit the bill. Our new yachts are in four categories: Sailing, Superyacht, Commercial and Powerboat.

Used Yachts

We offer used power vessels for your optimal cruising and racing experience. We have a line-up of unique products that fit your specification, need or taste. We deliver quality with convenience and comfort for your use. Our used yachts are in four categories: Sailing, Superyacht, Commercial and Powerboat. We offer a variety of models that satisfy specific sailing needs.

Spare Parts

We recognise that wear and tear are inevitable when it comes to boat maintenance. As such, we provide high-quality parts that you can purchase to sustain the durability of your boat. Our parts are genuine parts sourced directly from your respective manufacturers and can fit in, efficiently into your yachts. We offer parts for various brands. From Bavaria to Mustang to Colvic to Lerouge to Crusader to Hyundai, we are available to satisfy your needs.

Our Partners


We understand the need to protect your investment in a yacht purchase, whether new or used. As such, we partner with insurance providers to provide you with a comprehensive insurance cover for your yachts. Whether they are on the road or in storage, we ensure you have nothing to worry about.


We understand how hard it can be to finance the purchase of your yacht through a lump sum payment from your pocket. As such, we offer financing options to take this burden away. We offer both secured and unsecured loan financing option for your advantage. We partner with renowned lenders to achieve this.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to ensuring that you have a wonderful experience with our new and used yachts. We bring comfort through the following.

High-Quality Yachts

Our yachts, whether new or used, are of the highest quality. At the core of our delivery is our commitment to providing access to high-quality yachts and products. With other manufacturers, we achieve this by ensuring our boats come directly from the manufacturers. We eliminate untrusted third parties that can damage the integrity of our service provision. We only sell boats of the highest quality in line with industry standards.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are affordable and competitive. Our commitment is to ensure that we help you get value for your investment. As such, apart from providing access to high-quality boats, we provide them at the lowest possible price. Once you decide to go with us, you can rest, assured that you would not get a lower price elsewhere than what you get with us for the same quality.

Expert Team

We are a team of experts with considerable experience when it comes to the marine industry. This allows us to provide custom and tailored services as you seek to make a boat purchase. We have considerable experience thanks to our decades of delivery of high-quality boats that beat every imagination.

Post-Sales Support

We provide post-sales support that ensures you enjoy a smooth and seamless use of your yachts. Our services are not just limited to pre-sales; we continue to ensure you get value from us. From our spare parts offerings to ensure you can keep your boat operational to our expert team, we ensure we leave no stones untouched as we aim to provide you with a desirable experience

Comfort and Convenience

We guarantee comfort and convenience when you make the Lerouge-choice. We prioritise your comfort through the purchase stage. We also provide a comprehensive service to cater for your financial convenience and keep your boats safe.


We are located in Australia. We have physical offices in the following location.

You can reach out to us for any inquiries regarding our yachts offering. We look forward to hearing from you.